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“Acts Of Kindness are not random, you choose to do them! 

                     And,  if more people chose to do them the world would be a kinder place!”

                                                                                                                            Miss Marilyn

Together We can Change the World with Kindness…

Be KIND! Have FUN! Be Someone’s MIRACLE!

Don’t let the flu be the only thing that spreads this year…help create “Kontagious Kindness!”

We have given away over 15,00 pieces of clothes,  we have given away over 2500 pieces of housewares,  we work with the homeless, we have saved a life…and this is just the beginning!

The fact that you have reached Miss Marilyn’s Second Chance Enterprises website is not a stroke of luck. You might be one of the many people looking for a way to help the community; therefore you are on the right place. Volunteer for an Act Of Kindness or shop at our online Boutique www.jewelryaddict.org. We love those who host a Fundraising online party!

if you don’t have time to volunteer, Send in a donation!

There is always an opportunity to join our mission to spread kindness!

Within this site our first goal is to inspire YOU to perform Acts Of Kindness with us and help your community. Join Miss Marilyn as she put the spirit of community around the world through her Acts Of  Kindess for those who face many challenges.

It does not matter whether someone is on the side of the street in need or an individual who needs inspiration to get through troubling times. Everyone is helped through Miss Marilyn’s Second Chance Non~Profit. No one is turned away for any reason, if we are able to help through An Act Of Kindness!

We also work with those with Special Needs, At-Risk Teens & we assist Scouts in achieving rank!

It is common to find Miss Marilyn around town distributing clothes or blankets right out of her car to those in need anytime, anywhere.

An Act Of Kindness can be performed by anyone! Leave a bag of food on the doorstep of a struggling family or compliment a stranger…together we can fill the world with kindness!



We are proud to announce Miss Marilyn was named Wentzville, Missouri’s Citizen Of The Year 2013 for her work at MMSC!

We are spreading our Ministry world wide as we send Acts Of Kindness to Africa, Brazil & Turkey.

 Join our mission! Together we can change the world!

After having discovered or rediscovered Marilyn’s unusual story of life from “The Broken Heart Ball!” to the “Jilted Bride” on Dr. Phill show and her book Cleavage! A Way Of Life through the loss of 129 pounds in 10 months; you will finally understand why it is so special to act with Miss Marilyn’s Outreach. Indeed, for Miss Marilyn’s these hardships turned into passion to help others. So go ahead and join us to help the community!


We wish you a good visit here on our website and never forget that together we can change the world with kindness!

Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2


We perform Acts Of Kindness daily, if you are in need of help please email us…  This is a mission of LOVE!

Again, Miss Marilyn’s Second Chance is a Non~ Profit that is volunteer operated! We are able to help those in need! At this time, we are solely being funded with the sales of hot trendy $5.00 PAPARAZZI ACCESSORIES!

For more information go to:


or watch information on youtube: MISS MARILYN’S SECOND CHANCE

$5.00 ACCESSORIES ARE OUR FUNDRAISER! Be a part of the spread of kindness wear PAPARAZZI ACCESSORIES!


     This is our Creed we were founded on:



Own your life!

 Live like a star!

Problems come…and problems go!

Live each day!

Love all you know!

Be kind to all you meet and see!

Be who you are…it is meant to be!

Claim your cleavage!

Now come on…be happy!

You have dreams!

Now set them free!

Claim your Cleavage along with me!   

Be consumed with your dreams not your memories…CLAIM YOUR CLE.AVAGE! …and STAR in your own life!


If you are strong, you can help others!

OX <3